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Are you searching for The Best App Locker? The answer is AppLock.

AppLock is the best application for locking your mobile’s applications, Galleries and much more. The AppLock gives 100% protection to your mobile’s data and prevent unauthorized access to your mobile phone from unauthorized person. It is purely sade and sound. You can trust on AppLock.

Amazing Features:

AppLock can lock any app you desire, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, and incoming calls. safeguard your privacy and prevent unlawful access. Assure safety.

Videos and images can be secured with AppLock. Only the photo and video vault has the hidden images and videos, which have disappeared from Gallery. Securely guard private memories. No way, no pin.

Random keyboard and covert pattern lock are features of AppLock. No need to worry about anyone peeking at the pin or design. more secure

With using AppLock You will:-

Never again be concerned about your friends borrowing your phone to use mobile data for gaming!

Never fear that your parents will view your TikTok or Snapchat.

Never again be concerned that a coworker will use your phone to view the gallery.

Never again be concerned about someone reading sensitive data from your apps!

Never again worry about youngsters messing with settings, sending inappropriate messages, or buying games!

How to Use?

1.. How to change AppLock password?

Click on AppLock => Protect => Unlock Settings

2.. How to open hidden AppLock?

a). Gallery Click the share button after opening your gallery and choosing a photo. Click “Open AppLock” when you find it.

c). Widges Click widges by long-pressing the home screen. Drag “Open AppLock” to the home screen after finding it.

c). By dial pad On your dial pad, dial ##12345#*#.

d). Browser Click on any link below:-

3.. How to stop unstalling AppLock?

Please turn on Advanced Protection in AppLock’s Protect section so that no one can shut down or delete the app without a password. When not needed, Advanced Protection can be disabled.

4.. I forgot my AppLock password, How can I find it?

First, update to the most recent version. Next, hit the AppLock icon, select the “forgot password” option from the menu in the top right corner of the lock screen.

a). Security answer: enter security answer and then click on ‘reset password’.

b). Security email: click on ‘send code to security email’, input reset code then click on ‘reset password’.

Permission Required:

The Device Administrator privilege is used by AppLock.
Please activate AppLock as the “device administrator” in order to enable Advanced Protection. It is exclusively employed to stop burglars from removing AppLock.
Uses the Accessibility service is AppLock.
Please allow Accessibility services in order to activate the power saving mode. The service is exclusively utilized to decrease energy consumption, increase unlocking effectiveness, and guarantee AppLock functions reliably.

Please rest assured that AppLock will never access your personal information with these permissions.

For Feedback:

If you have any suggestion or feedback, send your feedback to AppLock team on the following link:

App Info:

Latest version5.7.3
App size26.61 MB
Required OSAndroid 4.4 & up
OwnerDoMobile Lab


As you was searching for The Best App Locker & Keeping in view the above mentioned features, AppLock is the greatest app for securing your mobile device’s applications, Galleries, and more. The AppLock completely protects the data on your mobile device and prevents unauthorized users from accessing it. It is solely sound and safe. Feel free by using this amazing app.

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