Best Qibla Direction App

Best Qibla Direction App:

Qibla Connect


“Are you searching for the Best Direction App? The answer is “Qibla Connect” All Muslims who want to stay connected to their religion and easily and on time do their daily Salah must use the Qibla Connect app. A wide range of services, such as the Qibla Finder, Quran reading, Prayer times, Muslim duas, and 99 Names of Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), are offered by the Qibla Connect app to assist users in their daily prayers.

Amazing Features:

  • Qibla Finder

One of the most crucial feature of the app is the Qibla Compass, which assists users in determining the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca, which is the direction that Muslims face when offering their daily prayers. This feature, which can be utilized anywhere in the world, properly determines the direction of the Qibla using the compass and GPS of the device.

  • Quran Reading

It offers a simple and practical method for accessing the Quran on your mobile. You can read and listen to the Quran using this app. Users of the app may read and comprehend the Quran’s lessons because it has both the original Arabic text and translations in a variety of languages. The software also includes an Audio Quran feature that lets users hear the Quran being recited. With “Quran Reading,” you have access to the Holy Quran, also known as the Quran Majeed, whenever and wherever you are.

  • The Prayer Times

This feature gives the user precise prayer timings based on where they are. Users may make sure they never miss a prayer by using this function, which also offers a reminder for each prayer time.

  • The Muslim Duas

It offers a selection of supplications and prayers that Muslims can repeat for a number of occasions, including before eating, before sleeping, and in difficult times. This feature makes the Duas available to a wider audience by providing both Arabic and English translations.

  • 99 Names of Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

list of Allah’s names and qualities, as well as the names of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), is provided in this feature. For people who wish to learn more about their religion and strengthen their spiritual ties, this feature is a terrific resource.

  • User-friendly interface

The app’s straightforward UI makes it usable by people of all ages.

App Info:

Latest version11.0
App size15 MB
Required OSAndroid 6.0 & up
OwnerQuran Reading


As you was searching for The Best Qibla Direction App, For Muslims around the world who want to easily carry out their daily beliefs and stay connected to their faith, the Qibla Connect app provides a complete tool. This software is a need for all Muslims due to its extensive feature set, which includes the 99 Names of Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Qibla Finder, Quran reading, Prayer timings, and Muslim Duas.

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