Best Screen Recorder App

Best Screen Recorder App



Are you searching for The Best Screen Recorder App? The answer is XRecorder.

A high-quality screen recorder with audio for live videos and screenshots!

You may easily take screenshots and movies of your screen using a screen recorder. Use XRecorder to record videos without time restrictions or the requirement for root access! You can record HD video tutorials, video calls, and even videos that cannot be downloaded by just tapping on the floating window. No lag or watermark when recording! And you won’t miss any more crucial occasions or live game shows.

Install XRecorder to record anything you want!

Amazing Features:

Screen Recorder in FULL HD

Screen Video Recorder – XRecorder allows recording game screens in 1080p, 12Mbps, and 60 frames per second for the best quality. Of course, you may record your screen with a variety of settings, including 240p to 1080p, quality, and frame rates (15 to 60).

Full-featured Video Editor

To ensure the quality of your videos, XRecorder offers full-featured video editing, including trimming, merging, and middle-section removal. Additionally, there are options to speed up, slow down, and add music to your movie to enhance its appeal.

Game Recorder with no Time Limit

This screen recorder, XRecorder, also functions well as a screen capture and game recorder. It enables you to record gameplay videos, grab the screen, and record the screen without time restrictions.

Screen Video Recorder with no Watermark

Still unable to fibd a screen capture application without a watermark? To record the screen in a cleaner manner, download this video recorder. It is essential to have a screen recorder if you wish to effectively capture the screen, record the screen, or take a screenshot.

Screen Recorder with Sound

Want to capture gaming or a tutorial in a video with sound? Your best option is this potent screen recorder with sound. Your voice will be recorded fluently and clearly.

Screen Recorder with Facecam

You can capture your face and reaction using the screen recorder with a built-in facecam in a little overlay window. It may be freely moved about the screen and resized to fit any space.

Screen Recorder with Audio

Additionally, a screen recorder with sound and audio that works well is included. To record your own video, get this excellent screen recorder with audio right away.

Additional Features:

It can Capture the screen for taking a clear Screenshot

● Can Record Gameplay on your phone device

Internal audio recording Can record audio without noise (only supported with Android 10 & above)

YouTube & RTMP Live streaming: It is a gaming streamer to gain fun and popularity

Video Editor: Can be trim, remove the middle part, add music and speed control of the video

Export Full HD video with custom settings: 240p to 1080p, 60FPS, 12Mbps

No watermark: It can be record a clear video & screenshot

No recording time limits & No root needed

Floating window: Just one touch to capture the perfect moment or hide it when not needed.

Countdown timer: to be a fully prepared recorder

Alternative storage location: internal storage/ SD card

Easy to pause/resume recording, rotate screen

App Info:

Latest version2.3.2
App size16.10 MB
Required OSAndroid 5.0 & up
OwnerInShort Inc.


As you was searching for The Best Screen Recorder App & Keeping in view the above mentioned features, XRecorder is a A high-quality screen recorder with audio for live videos and screenshots! The XRecorder app makes it simple to take screenshots and movies of your screen. Use XRecorder to record films devoid of time constraints and without needing root access! By just tapping on the floating window, you can record HD video tutorials, video calls, and even recordings that cannot be downloaded. No watermark or latency when recording! Additionally, you won’t miss any more important events or live game shows.

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